Artist in Residence

In cooperation with Trier University of Applied Sciences, the Jakob Bengel Foundation Idar-Oberstein has been inviting jewelry artists to work as "Artists in Residence" at the historic "Jakob Bengel Jewellery and Watch Chain Factory" since May 2006. In the works they create during their stay, they reflect the atmosphere of the listed jewellery factory and the glittering world of gemstones that is omnipresent in Idar-Oberstein.

What we offer

The residency should last a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 weeks. Artists in residence are offered a free apartment and a studio space in the industrial monument. The historical machinery (rollers, presses etc.) can be used. The workshops of the university's gemstone and jewellery course are also available for use. The artists in residence receive a monthly stipend of €500. In Idar-Oberstein, the European gemstone center, minerals and gemstones in particular can be purchased at very reasonable prices. A refinery, tool shops and other relevant specialist stores are available in the region. Contact with gemstone processing companies can be established at any time.

What we expect

We expect the invited artists in residence to

  • give the Jakob Bengel Foundation 1-2 pieces of jewellery on permanent loan at the end of the residency. The value of the works (artist award) should roughly correspond to the scholarships received. The work(s) will be part of a "Municipal Jewelry Collection Idar-Oberstein" and will be presented regularly.
  • be available for a public lecture/discussion event.
  • for a lecture/workshop in the "Gemstone and Jewellery" course at the university (optional)
  • for an exhibition of their work in the "Villa Bengel" jewellery gallery (optional)

Living and working

The historical workshops of the Jakob Bengel industrial monument and the workshops of Trier University of Applied Sciences, Department of Gemstone and Jewellery are available. Participants will be provided with a free apartment (kitchen, shower, WC, WLAN) with a living space of approx. 35 square meters in one of the former workers' apartments of the Jakob Bengel company.

Artist in Residence
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If you are interested in a stay in Idar-Oberstein as an artist in residence, please call us and send a portfolio with your CV and proposed dates to: Prof. Ute Eitzenhöfer & Prof. Theo Smeets,, Hochschule Trier, Standort Idar-Oberstein, Saarstraße 2, 55743 Idar-Oberstein

The Artist in Residence programme of the Jakob Bengel Foundation and Trier University of Applied Sciences, Idar-Oberstein Campus is generously supported by: