The Friends' Association “Freundeskreis Jakob Bengel Denkmal e.V.”

The aim of the Freundeskreis Jakob Bengel Denkmal e.V., founded in November 2006, is to support and sustainably shape the unique cultural heritage of the Jakob Bengel industrial monument. This includes improving the presentation options and providing financial support for the expansion and archiving of the Jakob Bengel Foundation's collection.

The circle of friends also provides grants for exhibitions and publications. Numerous projects have already been realized in cooperation with the city of Idar-Oberstein and the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Department of Gemstone and Jewellery.

Current projects

Projects currently supported by the Freundeskreis Jakob Bengel Denkmal e.V. are:

  • Exhibitions of contemporary jewellery artists in the Fabrikantenvilla
  • Support for the "Artist-in-Residence" program, which enables artists to live and work in a former factory apartment
  • Organization of international workshops for jewellery artists
  • Documentation of the factory's technology and facilities
  • Reconstruction and technical studies on the production of historical jewellery (Art Deco jewelry from the factory)
  • Restoration of the historic garden of Villa Bengel

The Friends' Association Freundeskreis Jakob Bengel Denkmal e.V. pursues exclusively charitable purposes. All donations are therefore tax-deductible..

Become a friend of Jakob Bengel

Support the The Friends' Association Freundeskreis Jakob Bengel e.V. and become a member with a small annual contribution (from € 20.00). Help us to preserve and restore this unique monument to the industrial culture of the jewellery and costume jewellery industry.

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