Exzentric I - Detlef Thomas

21.04.2023 – 21.06.2023, Villa Bengel

Diadem 2
©Detlef Thomas

Detlef Thomas is showing works from 1980 to 2023. In addition to the jewellery, the ephemera related to his jewellery can also be seen in this exhibition. The ephemera intervene at one point or another in the "legibility" of the jewellery and are an interesting subtext to his works. An important group of works in this exhibition are the enamelled pieces, of which a selection is being shown here for the first time and which are relevant for the artist, as he has developed his own technical approach within a millennia-old technique over the years. His works are characterised by a precise view of form, colour, material and function, often transcending the set boundaries in order to be able to view the works from the outside, so to speak, and thus more comprehensively, which here and there enables a completely new view of things. Detlef Thomas only appears in public sporadically, which means that his works are very rarely shown so extensively in an exhibition.